Thursday, 19 February 2015

New Activity #18: I’ve got a ticket to ride

It’s a well-known fact to my friends and family that I have a lot of stuff. I’m constantly sorting and chucking out things and I’d love there to be a day when I have minimal possessions.

Part of the problem is I keep things for sentimental reasons, and one of these is tickets to things, and I’ve been wondering what to do with loose tickets. This is how I came across Pinterest. For anyone who doesn’t know what it is, its basically a virtual noticeboard to pin ideas, pictures, recipes, pretty much anything that takes your interest. I searched Pinterest for what to do with loose tickets and came across two ideas. The first being a ticket stub diary, which although sounded great, I knew it would gather dust and never be looked at again. So I saw another idea of using a shadow box to put tickets in, and this is what I went with for my first Pinterest project.

Thanks to my mum getting presents from pupils in her class, one of them gave her a piece of art in a deep glass frame. I’m not sure what happened to the art, but I got the frame.

My sister Lisa who is really into her craft, (she even has her own art blog,) always has an endless supply of materials that could be used for future projects. So the background is a page from an old calendar as it had tickets on.

I’ve put all my loose tickets with the Opry House Tour ticket from Nashville and some cricket tickets taking pride of place. To be honest it looks good, but most of the tickets you can’t really see. Anyone got any ideas as to how to improve it?

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